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        QTL-A 310 SERIES
        • 名称: QTR-A 310 SERIES
        • 编号: QTR-A 310
        • 品牌: TECNOTION

        Ultimate 389 - 778Nm
        Continuous 151 - 331Nm

        The QTL-A 310 series is based on the QTL-A 290 with the addition of cooling channels. The motor is a reliable heavy duty workhorse. Because of  the integrated cooling channels the motor reaches a very high continuous torque without losing precision. Even with the addition of active cooling the motor is very compact and has a high torque density. It is especially suited for applications where thermal management is an issue. The cooling ring provides bolting holes for easy installation.

        The build heights of the QTL-A 310 are:  310-65 // 310-85 // 310-105