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        QTR-A-133 SERIES
        • 名称: QTR-A-133 SERIES
        • 编号: QTR-A-133
        • 品牌: TECNOTION

        Ultimate 5.6 - 55.5Nm
        Continious 2.6 - 21.9Nm

        The QTR-A-133 is the second medium-range QTR motor. It covers the torque range from 2.6 to 21.9Nm. The largest 60 mm high QTR-A-133-60 motor offers a peak torque of over 35.3Nm. Different winding types are available, optimizing Back EMF.

        High peak force make the QTR-133 Series ideal for usage in testing equipment.

        The build heights are: QTR-A-133-17 // QTR-A-133-25 // QTR-A-133-34 // QTR-A-133-60