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        QTR-A-105 SERIES
        • 名称: QTR-A-105 SERIES
        • 编号: QTR-A-105
        • 品牌: TECNOTION

        Ultimate 2.9 - 28.4Nm
        Continious 1.4 - 12Nm

        The QTR-A-105 is where the medium-range of Tecnotion QTR motors starts. QTR-A-105 motors are available with a wide range of options such as different winding types and a digital hall sensor. 

        Various medical and health care applications benefit from the large inner diameter of the QTR-105 as well as the flat designs, starting at just 17 mm.

        The build heights are: QTR-A-105-17 // QTR-A-105-25 // QTR-A-105-34 // QTR-A-105-60